M aking sure employees, teams and staffs are always challenged to grow means having to find ways to expose them to ideas in methods, techniques, process or a host of other Success topics.

Perhaps that happens as a speaker at an event or staff meeting. Perhaps as a series or as a one-off and whether in person, electronic or self-guided on the web a teaching program can be designed to bring your team the information they need to help them—and your company grow.



I nformation can be taught but skills have to be trained. If you want your team to develop new habits, utilize new processes or take accountability to a higher level you will likely want to have a training program where applying skills learned becomes the objective. Along with training, testing and certifications can give you confidence that your mission is about to be fulfilled.



S ometimes a person brings the right attitude but lacks all the better skills for success. Sometimes they have the skills but lack either the opportunity, the structure or the motivation or the management to have breakout success. This can be equally true with a new or recently promoted staff member or the Owner, CEO or experienced manager.

Think of it this way: Is there a successful professional athlete performing at a high level without the assistance of a coach. The best performs seek out expertise and other opinions. It is a sign of strength to add an extra voice to your actions and decision making whether in a single meeting, facilitating something outside your expertise or desire or regularly reviewing the strategy, plans and actions to bring you the success you want.

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Tom Fox