Strategic Sales Plans

“My team needs a better plan to close more sales.”

T here are two Key Performance Indicators for a macro view of Sales Team Success. Strategic foundations for improved sales plans should start with an examination or implementation of your:

MyEureka Solutions has developed a customized selling plan called 3 Agreement Selling. Using a consistent sales process to make sales allows for coherent tracking of sales progress and appropriate resource allocation to deliver on those sales. Rather than estimate opportunities on “feelings” or probability estimates the 3 Agreement approach lets you pinpoint opportunity indicators and assures salespeople are both consistent and not missing or skipping any steps.

3 Agreement Selling

Prospecting Plan

“Just get out there and sell!” is a plan—but not likely a very good one.

Creating a formal Prospect Plan provides critical advantages:

A MyEureka Solutions Prospecting Plan:
  • Breaks out prospects by type and opportunity
  • Scales prospect types and creates appropriate mix
  • Evaluates effort/reward by prospect type
  • Incorporates existing and past customers for future opportunity
  • Adjusts quarterly according to success/fail rates and target hit/miss
  • Sales and Management communicate on Plan Progress rather than on sales activity

Having these two plans in place in parallel gives organizations a concrete plan to map Behaviors to, clear communication gaps and allow sales people to excel to meet and exceed targets and goals.

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