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Year-end business has a lot of implications; wrapping up the books, setting new year’s goals, writing up staff performance appraisals and often efforts in recognition. Recognizing company, team and individual accomplishments is as common as mistletoe this time of year. …

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Substance and Style are not mutually exclusive. The majority of us, however, like with most binary characteristics, want a healthy blend as ideal. Our drives tend to push us to a natural side one more than the other but both …

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Were you born lazy, or did you earn your bouts of lazy? Lazy is a peculiar trait; sometimes a judgment, sometimes an obvious behavior–or avoidance! Is the simple solution motivation or can you be motivated similarly to be lazy? I’m …

Is LAZY A Fixable Flaw or A Lifetime Curse? …or benefit?? Read More »

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Let’s dismiss the PC yielding right up front. We’re going to talk about mental health and your work and how disguised and undiagnosed and unrecognized problems can be. So what is crazy? For this purpose it is not a poor …

Is Work Making You Crazy? Literally?! Read More »

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As one who has written many business plans and created or helped craft hundreds of goals it might seem antithetical to suggest that your best chances for success are not for your people to simply meet those goals or hit …

Does Success Require High Flyers Exceeding Requirements? Read More »

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It is a routine job for a parent to make sure their small child makes regular trips to the potty to perform natural duties. Eventually that job no longer needs supervising, save of course, the occasional wiggling dance or personals …


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