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“One is the loneliest number,” a song way back once lamented. As we enter the first week of the first month of 2021 the number one abounds. As our fundamental quantity of existence we hear it a lot in life …

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Whatever happened to middle ground? Has our society totally devalued any stance moved away from their own absolute, especially if they stand on the fringe? Is Moderate Republican now an oxymoron? Is it possible for a Social Progressive to be …

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Shared misery is a unanimous theme for 2020. Whatever divides us in belief it’s indisputable that we have more newly discovered common reality than we’ve ever recognized before, even if we disagree on what, why or how to best go …

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Nothing is more important than life for sure. Are you prepared for the unthinkable to you, yours…and theirs? The unthinkable can’t be unspeakable if we are to keep tragedy from reaching disaster in our own circles. Some thoughts to consider as reality is forever changed.

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Sorry, you need therapy. Maybe you don’t have to pay for it and maybe you don’t have to talk about dreams of your mother on a couch.

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As I write this, Michigan State Basketball coach Tom Izzo is preparing his team for tomorrow’s Final Four appearance. As a head coach of a top NCAA program his record, consistency and known behavior allows him to block out the …

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“It’s not you, it’s me,” may have crossed your lips once upon a time to help you end a relationship. Of course, what you were really thinking was likely the opposite but this seemed like a let-down-easy strategy to shield …

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    No one’s perfect. Sure, we all accept that. We also spend endless time avowing the traits and skills you need for success. We spin the need for commitment, dedication, communication, self-confidence, pursuit of knowledge, experience and many other …

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Year-end business has a lot of implications; wrapping up the books, setting new year’s goals, writing up staff performance appraisals and often efforts in recognition. Recognizing company, team and individual accomplishments is as common as mistletoe this time of year. …

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It’s almost here. It’s almost done. Another calendar is getting ready to flip off the wall, be chucked from the desk, filed in a drawer or screen-scrolled anew. What does “year end” mean to your business? Is it a last …

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