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Is A Hack-Attack Cybercrime Summer Coming? Why does a leading Technologist out there battling cybercrime think this is going to be an historically bad summer for business hacks and ransom? Maybe not the most surprising prediction given the plethora of …

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To fix it, well that’s a pain. Sure, it doesn’t work the way it should right now, and that’s a pain, but it works a little and that seems less of a pain than having to fix it and who …

The Pain-in-the-Ass Quotient Explained Read More »

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If there’s anything that our partially dismembered, pandemic reactive business cycle has demonstrated it is the value of leadership–and the consequences of its lacking. The key elements to success for businesses who have been allowed to operate have been their …

The 3 Principles of Leadership–Where Are You? Read More »

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“One is the loneliest number,” a song way back once lamented. As we enter the first week of the first month of 2021 the number one abounds. As our fundamental quantity of existence we hear it a lot in life …

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If there’s one thing that’s been learned, and for some the hard way, in 2020 it is that COMMUNICATION is fundamental to business success. As the way we have had to adapt to doing our communication has driven us to …

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Whatever happened to middle ground? Has our society totally devalued any stance moved away from their own absolute, especially if they stand on the fringe? Is Moderate Republican now an oxymoron? Is it possible for a Social Progressive to be …

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Shared misery is a unanimous theme for 2020. Whatever divides us in belief it’s indisputable that we have more newly discovered common reality than we’ve ever recognized before, even if we disagree on what, why or how to best go …

Bounce Back Bigger — 3 Keys: Read More »

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Pandemic Lessons: Top 10 Over-Valued & Under-Appreciated Your experience is your own. During the current pandemic that may be at worst, horrifying, at best, enlightening. While my own experience has run the emotional gamut I am fortunate not to be …

Pandemic Lessons: Top 10 Over-Valued & Under-Appreciated Read More »

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It would certainly be lovely if we could all anticipate that from our past functional, work-a-day selves toiling in drab predictability we entered our Corona-cocoons and, in short time, emerged an enlightened, vibrant and colorful soul ready to fly in …

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Nothing is more important than life for sure. Are you prepared for the unthinkable to you, yours…and theirs? The unthinkable can’t be unspeakable if we are to keep tragedy from reaching disaster in our own circles. Some thoughts to consider as reality is forever changed.

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