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Skills to better manage people and processes

Let’s hold off figuring out how many steps and start with the primary question. Is creating an Accountability Culture a good move for your business…or your life for that matter? For a manager who wants to create better margins through …

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Of course you don’t really hate having goals, but that doesn’t mean you embrace a formal process, treat SMART goals like a legal requirement or otherwise embrace writing down what you may convince yourself you already know. So the argument …

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Are you more Proactive or Reactive? A little measurement of numbers, and attitude, can unlock more profit. Like, share or comment if you can use this process…

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Never mind what’s in your wallet, what’s in your mirror? Do others see you as you see yourself? Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the greatest manager of all? And thus we adapt the wicked old witches adage for self …

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Unless you personally have a direct line to divine wisdom on demand then chances are you are much better off if you have someone besides yourself to help you work through your biggest decisions.

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As I write this, Michigan State Basketball coach Tom Izzo is preparing his team for tomorrow’s Final Four appearance. As a head coach of a top NCAA program his record, consistency and known behavior allows him to block out the …

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We used to joke about re-organizations or new major projects. Comments were inevitable that if you didn’t like it not to worry because it will all change back again soon enough. So change is tough, it’s inevitable and it’s what …

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Year-end business has a lot of implications; wrapping up the books, setting new year’s goals, writing up staff performance appraisals and often efforts in recognition. Recognizing company, team and individual accomplishments is as common as mistletoe this time of year. …

A New Way To Give Recognition, You’ll Like It Read More »

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