Month: May 2018

Isn’t the dream of every seller to answer the phone and take the order? Or peruse the inbox and confirm all the credit card payments streaming passively from your web site or brilliantly composed social media strategy? What’s not to …

Charging Up Your 3 Key Sales Channels Read More »

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  For anyone who manages business, whether it is a hundred employees or your own solo tasks, the responsibility is summed up in three parts: First is figuring out what to do to profit, second is diagnosing whatever problems come …

There’s No “I” in Problem…Or is there? Read More »

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It is paradoxical that even working on a floor full of people you can feel lonely. It’s equally unsurprising that many solo entrepreneurs or small business owners who work independently can feel isolated. Myth tells us it’s supposed to be …

Is Being Smart Making You Lonely? Read More »

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Tom Fox