Month: November 2017

  I had a recent client find his Eureka idea, “I had no idea how much of sales is about psychology.” I’m happy to quote the father of my former franchise David Sandler who said that selling is a Broadway …

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Is saying thank you necessary to employees, co-workers, vendors, suppliers? Absolutely not, there’s no intrinsic obligation to give any extra, seasonal or out of the ordinary thanks, no reason at all…well maybe one. It makes a difference; maybe to the …

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Apologies in advance if that old Kenny Rodgers tune is now swirling in your head, albeit with the edit–if you are folding your hand then you need to read a different article! To be a great manager is truly very …

Managing: Know When To Hold ’em, Know When To Show ’em… Read More »

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So dust off your VCR and pop in “City Slickers” and fast forward to Curly sharing the secret to life…”1.” That’s right, one thing more than any other is the secret. I’ll spare you the existential version or debate omnipotence …

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Tom Fox