Month: July 2017

No questions Social Media has more “likes” than a gaggle of gossiping girls squawking over lunch at the mall. Have they become so ubiquitous and omnipresent that they are merely feckless notations we gloss over on posts and pages? What’s …

Do You Like Liking & When Are Likes Really Liked? Read More »

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“Good idea! So when should we do this?” How many times has an agreement on a productivity improvement, a process change, pursuing a new opportunity, buying or selling something been agreed but when it comes to the “when” answer it …

How Trigger Metrics Get You To Get Things Done Read More »

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I can recall a time as a Sports Illustrated manager some years ago when I complained to my Director that it always seemed the person I had to deal with to resolve Editorial and Advertising conflicts seemed more intent on …

What is the cost of conflict? Read More »

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Tom Fox