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Is A Hack-Attack Cybercrime Summer Coming? Why does a leading Technologist out there battling cybercrime think this is going to be an historically bad summer for business hacks and ransom? Maybe not the most surprising prediction given the plethora of …

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“One is the loneliest number,” a song way back once lamented. As we enter the first week of the first month of 2021 the number one abounds. As our fundamental quantity of existence we hear it a lot in life …

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‘Tis the season…so we are told. Of course, we are also told that it’s better to give than to receive, but how many people really believe that?! Running a business, on the other hand, is generally thought to hold some …

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From a macro economic point of view it’s hard to argue with unemployment statistics when they go below 4% and when it is proclaimed to be the best in over a decade, historic lows, etc. With any good set of …

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