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Maybe your job doesn’t directly intersect the paths of Artificial Intelligence. Maybe it does and you don’t really know how or exactly or really what it is. Truth is that while emerging technologies may surround us and surely help us, …

No AI? Try Some Regular I (5 Tricks) Read More »

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If you hear, “Our country is divided” one more time are you ready to scream or has it all just become background noise? No matter what side of anything you are on it’s blatantly obvious our binary nature has manifested …

Your Divided Company–Oh, You Think You’re United? (3 ways to inspire harmony) Read More »

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It is a routine job for a parent to make sure their small child makes regular trips to the potty to perform natural duties. Eventually that job no longer needs supervising, save of course, the occasional wiggling dance or personals …


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As if it wasn’t clear enough in the past our recent election cycle has given a crescendo to the binary nature of our country. Equally clear is that binary has ever more narrow crossover to the middle. Espousing either perspective …

Micronutiae in Binary America…Is It Killing Your Company? Read More »

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