National Civility Day – President’s Day No Political Posts, Rants/Raves or Tweets

National Civility Day – President’s Day No Political Posts, Rants/Raves or Tweets

Whether you agree with the President that he’s the smartest, greatest leader ever or feel adamantly opposed to his every utterance there are a few things we can probably all agree upon:

  1. Social Media now seems to have ever more rancor than civility at posts and points of view.
  2. Friendships and perceptions of people have had many bumps and bruises through political, religious and social commentary.
  3. Whether you support or reject something political, religious, even sociological no one would likely suffer from one day with NO posts, tweets, videos or commentaries on said topics, with rancor, self-righteousness or obnoxiousness, absent across the social media spectrum!


Perhaps it’s more metaphor than document but what if everyone agreed that on President’s Day we will avoid the political? If we avoided giving the world the indespensible value of our opinion and had nary a negative thing to say about anything we post or comment on? Share this and request the day if you agree!

Ahhhh, what a wonderful world it would be. The day after President’s Day return to your soap box, your semi-bully pulpit and set yourself up for all the un-friending you’ve rationalized is really what you want anyway or telling yet another Bozo that Linkedin isn’t Facebook… But on February 20th, 2017 pledge to honor what we can agree has been great in our country with a 24 hour break from our efforts to make it great again, convince people it never stopped being great, or deciding every political or religious act or comment is bring us closer to the end of the world as we know it. Let George and Abe have a day when their poor corpses aren’t spinning quite so hard in their graves. If you want to be critical find a mirror and make an action plan to be better!

On that day tell us what your family is doing on the holiday, what moves or inspires you (that isn’t political) and if you do by chance read or see something that rubs you the wrong way use your discretion to ignore, move on and find something to smile about. Let’s take a national holiday from anger, hate, vial commentary and for just one day be Pollyanna’s shining hilltop. If you’re one of those zealots don’t watch any news either!!

So take the pledge for 2-20-17, or you know, leave nasty, hateful comments below if you disagree…