Take The SCC Way To Championship Leadership

Take The SCC Way To Championship Leadership

There can be great leadership in powerhouse sports divisions…that’s not SCC. Neither is this program about Squamous Cell Carcinomas–but use sunscreen and see a Dermatologist if you’ve got one! The SCC is an acronym to guide great coaching, productive managing and enviable leadership. Regardless if you are leading a football team, diagnosing skin disorders, running your own company or managing a couple of employees following the SCC way might just get you to the winner’s circle for the trophy.

The best leaders all drive success with these core principles, they aren’t the only way but they may be the most efficient and mutually rewarding so let’s break them down. SCC stands for System, Connection and Consistency. Why does each matter and why do they need to be employed en mass?

SYSTEM, simply said is a set of principles and procedures according to which something is done; an organized scheme or method. The key here is that the guiding principles sync with requisite procedures. Procedures need to translate into behavior and if one of your principles includes accountability then the procedures will stay true to their purpose. The mistake often made is when leader’s allow their system to be the sum of their actions and decisions. Instincts rather than plans. That certainly is a system, but not a particularly efficient one.

  1. Determine your guiding principles and write them down. These can be values but also strategies from communication to delegation to review and reward.
  2. Make Accountability a core part of your system and determine how you will apply and measure it both to yourself and with all people and processes that report or roll up to you.
  3. Unless you are a covert CIA operative make your system known, obvious and lived as an example to all those who are expected to produce within your system.

CONNECTION, a relationship in which a person, thing, or idea is linked or associated with something else. I suggest determining your connection strategy with all three of those. How will you relate to people? Can you motivate, inspire, display empathy? Are you intimidating? It’s not so much you have to coddle or be loved but without connection people create their own directions and make assumptions about paths and processes.

  1. Get comfortable with how, when and why you will make personal connections with those who participate in your success. How personal/intimate are your connections?
  2. Don’t fake it, whether you are the strong, distant type or one to know everyone’s spouse’s name and their kid’s ages is not paramount, being true to yourself and how you comfortably relate to others needs to be the foundation of honest connections.
  3. Connect your connecting within your system. Have a plan to establish connections that fits within your System.

CONSISTENCY, conformity in the application of something, typically that which is necessary for the sake of logic, accuracy, or fairness. Of course you can be consistently unfair, inaccurate and illogical but you can probably see where that’s a leadership pickle.

  1. Determine if your System and manner of making Connections is logical and fair and then keep their application compatible with those principles.
  2. Rigidity isn’t necessary for consistency, demonstrating flexibility regularly when it is connected to logic and a justifying end goal can be recognized as a consistent trait. Either can work, again, if they are true to the system and connection strategy.
  3. Don’t do it one way because it’s always been done that way. Use consistency in positive attributes: open to new ideas, listens, talks through potential results, clear in decision making and communication. Innovate consistently within your system.

There are probably a dozen more exemplary leadership traits like clarity, communication, boldness, enthusiasm, innovative etc…but remembering an SCCCCBEI…could get a little hairy. To set your course as a winning coach, a productive manager, a profitable owner or an inspirational leader keep it simple and focus introspection on your System, Connections and being Consistent and you’ll like your odds at taking home the SCC trophy (Success Conquering Challenges).

Learn more at www.myeurekasolutions.com. Best of success!