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Do you feel like working today? Even if you feel like being at work do you feel like tackling the big challenge you know you really should be working on. Or maybe you are finding work to do that helps …

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Maybe your job doesn’t directly intersect the paths of Artificial Intelligence. Maybe it does and you don’t really know how or exactly or really what it is. Truth is that while emerging technologies may surround us and surely help us, …

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Apologies in advance if that old Kenny Rodgers tune is now swirling in your head, albeit with the edit–if you are folding your hand then you need to read a different article! To be a great manager is truly very …

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You could fill a whole wall in biggest office with clever sayings about anger… “Anger turned inward is depression,” “He who angers you defeats you,” “Anger is just one letter short of danger” …and it goes on, but perhaps the …

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