Motivation Shortcut

Motivation Shortcut

Do you feel like working today? Even if you feel like being at work do you feel like tackling the big challenge you know you really should be working on. Or maybe you are finding work to do that helps you avoid big stuff you could be doing because…well because it’s hard! Thus we see where motivation fails us. What if there was a shortcut to finding motivation? Perhaps there is.

When I help clients or teach classes that involve business plans or setting goals I require a session on setting PURPOSE. There’s all kinds of short term motivations that can work. It could be fear of getting fired, that works. Opportunity for quickly making or getting more money, a bonus, a prize or such can surely give the impetus to tackle the challenge at hand. But, what about the every day range of productivity that are most manager’s and staff’s nemesis? Most people have a very vague sense of purpose or one that is distant. Working to have a good retirement is surely a purpose but how motivating is it when you are 26?

Defining your purpose is a critical process to undertake if you want to have a motivation shortcut handy. Those who are clear on the purpose usually find motivation de facto. Of course if your purpose is unclear, uncertain or yet to be determined in any meaningful way then your motivations are likely going to be more immediate or short term. Without getting too spiritual the truth of the matter is that the higher your purpose the more likely the motivation is cemented in your behavior rituals and habits. Having motivated habits, or repeated behaviors is the surest way of showing results because the motivation for success is ever present.

In daily challenges our fears, worries and distractions can disarm our motivations and reduce our productivity and/or efficiency. They can reduce our leadership effectiveness. So try this simple exercise by completing these sentences:

The most important purpose(s) in my life is:

The reason I want to be successful is:

The consequences of my not finding success are:

This matters to me because:

How you complete these four simple phrases will likely be a clear window into how motivated your actions are. The more detail you have the clearer the view. Having both an existential and a practical connection is the ultimate. When purpose is integrated throughout your life you are less likely to disconnect from it. When you feel your motivation lagging it is by reconnecting to your purpose(s) that can quickly supercharge your actions, and that’s what we call motivation. Don’t fear your highest calling. Don’t judge your material desires. When either, and hopefully both, are identified you have a connection to motivation that beats any afternoon sugar rush and it will likely wear off much less quickly than that last doughnut in the break room you were sure would do the trick.

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