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To fix it, well that’s a pain. Sure, it doesn’t work the way it should right now, and that’s a pain, but it works a little and that seems less of a pain than having to fix it and who …

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If there’s anything that our partially dismembered, pandemic reactive business cycle has demonstrated it is the value of leadership–and the consequences of its lacking. The key elements to success for businesses who have been allowed to operate have been their …

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The Trick To Holiday Bonuses Every business owner who gives an annual or a holiday bonus wants it to be appreciated. Give it once and employees can feel they are annually entitled. Should a bonus be seen as a gift …

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Is mentoring for everyone? Can anyone be a mentor? The answer to both is definitely no. If the question is “Should my company have a mentoring program?” then the answer is definitely yes whether you have two or twenty thousand …

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Unless you personally have a direct line to divine wisdom on demand then chances are you are much better off if you have someone besides yourself to help you work through your biggest decisions.

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Maybe your job doesn’t directly intersect the paths of Artificial Intelligence. Maybe it does and you don’t really know how or exactly or really what it is. Truth is that while emerging technologies may surround us and surely help us, …

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Year-end business has a lot of implications; wrapping up the books, setting new year’s goals, writing up staff performance appraisals and often efforts in recognition. Recognizing company, team and individual accomplishments is as common as mistletoe this time of year. …

A New Way To Give Recognition, You’ll Like It Read More »

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‘Tis the season…so we are told. Of course, we are also told that it’s better to give than to receive, but how many people really believe that?! Running a business, on the other hand, is generally thought to hold some …

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It’s almost here. It’s almost done. Another calendar is getting ready to flip off the wall, be chucked from the desk, filed in a drawer or screen-scrolled anew. What does “year end” mean to your business? Is it a last …

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If you were asked to assess your Total Life Health the assessment might be made in three critical components: Mind/Body, Financial and Family. Anyone who’s ever gone through turmoil in any one of those three areas understands how linked they …

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