How To End Your Year End, 3 Must Do’s

It’s almost here. It’s almost done. Another calendar is getting ready to flip off the wall, be chucked from the desk, filed in a drawer or screen-scrolled anew. What does “year end” mean to your business? Is it a last scramble to make a number? A chill-down of taking it easy and self-congratulation? A hassle to keep your routine and fit in holiday celebration with staff, vendors, colleagues and family obligations? A time to count up the coffers and plan team rewards and recognition? A scramble to line up post-holiday activities to hit the new year running? Licking your wounds and figuring out how January goals will make for a better next year? Or, all of the above?

Once the last scrap of Thanksgiving leftovers has been polished off it seems but a blink of an eye until we’re abruptly in process for a new year. All the activities mentioned above surely make the few weeks left in the year soar but many business people who have spent so much of the year driving toward their goals find themselves riding the chaotic ebb to year end. That makes right now an important planning time. Devising how you want your year to end is every bit as important as planning how the next one will begin.

Of course circumstances may dictate the drive if you are trying for a home run and a last minute comeback. Or, if you are coasting to the finish line or frantically getting commitments for new year meetings. (People do say yes more often to “new year” meetings but get a real date down.) Are you exhilarated or exhausted? Whatever the prime driver of your year end attitude a balanced plan that schedules many needs and doesn’t try to over-reach is the real ticket to a satisfying year end toast. We need to welcome the increase in responsibilities, parties, celebrations, shopping obligations and still fit in mission critical success activities.

Start With Your Calendar

Accept that relationships, recognition, and appreciation are important parts of business success. Acknowledge your must do events first and then figure how they will drive your time budget. Some may be drive-by-show-your-face-and-run, some may be the party you want to enjoy or the kid’s concert you need to attend. With recovery space for the every day things that don’t disappear because it’s Santa’s season get three key actions strategized and written down.

Must Do’s

  1. Take a hard look at a lingering “maybe” or “might-be” business. Go after it with a big final push or be willing to let it go. Close the deal or close the folder and move on. Ever-present “perhaps” items become a time and resource suck. The year ends, so should a chase (or at least be consciously reset with a new new year tack and time goal).
  2. Take appreciation seriously. Make a point to recognize those who have helped you. A spontaneous handshake and thank you can have every bit of impact a holiday check has. Don’t make them only when you have a drink in your hand, make a mid-morning call or pop-in visit just to express gratitude. Do a lot of it…’tis the season. Besides making you and others feel good, your appreciation will seal in your mind the others who are important to your success, build loyalty and keep the path open for repeat performances.
  3. Plan to plan. Whether or not you use January as a formal goals process time each new season deserves a fresh look at what you want to accomplish, why that is important to you and when you want to have it concluded. Put a date on your calendar that you will clear for envisioning future results and honestly mapping (i.e. writing) the required behaviors, time and milestones to get there. Whether it’s the first week of January or before the end of the year some isolated honest reflection and strategy devising to meet your ambition is a must do as the calendar flips.

Don’t forget to enjoy the season, the people around you and getting through another year. Remember to grant pride in yourself. Whatever your accomplishments or disappointments, whether at home or in the office, being grateful for what we’ve lived and planning a path for our future steps is therapeutic and inspiring. It is also the surest way to elucidate success!

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