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Nothing is more important than life for sure. Are you prepared for the unthinkable to you, yours…and theirs? The unthinkable can’t be unspeakable if we are to keep tragedy from reaching disaster in our own circles. Some thoughts to consider as reality is forever changed.

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Sorry, you need therapy. Maybe you don’t have to pay for it and maybe you don’t have to talk about dreams of your mother on a couch.

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If you were asked to assess your Total Life Health the assessment might be made in three critical components: Mind/Body, Financial and Family. Anyone who’s ever gone through turmoil in any one of those three areas understands how linked they …

How To Measure Your TBH (Total Business Health) Read More »

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    There are certain jobs that are defined as inclusive of 365, 24-7 and that could define almost every self employed or small business owner. But whether you are President of anything or just in charge of getting your …

There Should Be An “I” in VACATION– Oh, There is! (Business Therapeutics) Read More »

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Tom Fox