What Kind Of Therapy Do You Need? Yes You Do!

What Kind Of Therapy Do You Need? Yes You Do!

Sorry, you need therapy. Maybe you don’t have to pay for it and maybe you don’t have to talk about dreams of your mother on a couch. You may not need ice packs or hot packs, massage, aromas, stones, exercise, shopping, squeezing, zen living or running as your therapy but everyone needs something as their escape, coping experience, rehabilitation, motivation and repair.

Life, you know, work, stress, family, pressure, bills, dreams. Therapy can be self-medicating or professional, it can be formal or casual, structured or random, regular or occasional. All the options exist and the trick to finding success and happiness in tandem is to make sure therapy is applied in every part of your life.


Therapy here might be taking a mental health sick day, it is surely about paying attention to your overall sense of well-being. Depression is something you can work with, for a time, everyone has at least minor episodes, but if you are not spending the majority of your life believing you are happy then you have work to do. Maybe you need your own version of a “good book,” maybe you need a friends network, a special someone or a professional’s voice for perspective but our mental faculties are our most vital so they deserve premium attention


Having helped finance my Orthopedist’s practice for 25 years I know you have to pay attention to your body. This can be rehabilitating an injury, working out to prevent a future one, exercising to good health or burning off the stress with exertion and few drips of sweat. You might sit in Lotus, squeeze in 18, run five miles or walk one. To steal a well trademarked adage you should definitely just do it.


Money can’t always make you happy but not having it, owing too much of it, spending whether you have it or not, ignoring tomorrow and any number or circumstances about money will strongly influence your happiness, success and freedom. If it’s not your field, maybe if it is, you should be hearing from professionals. Sure you can get it from books or YouTube, peer groups or a “guy.” Whether it’s insurance, investment, retirement or living expenses this house needs to be in order.


Our consulting to provide effective strategy, performance, accountability, sales, operations, HR areas, all now take a therapy approach that’s different than the traditional model. The reason is simple and we are happy to share the concept. Business, like mental, physical and financial health has a state of health. Maybe enough sales can provide all the strength you need but most companies are sitting on their potential. It takes a keen look into the underside of performance and motivation to understand the gap between what is and what could be. Finding your business therapy can be internal, good meetings culture, open dialogue and agendas among others.

You can get a readout from a physical of all the numbers and stats and comparisons will tell you a story but the doctor has to look into your eyes to really see the whole story. Same for your business, you may review the weekly sales, spending, accomplishing but you better make sure you keep a tab on your business health lest you find out when it becomes beyond repair.

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