Do You Like Liking & When Are Likes Really Liked?

No questions Social Media has more “likes” than a gaggle of gossiping girls squawking over lunch at the mall. Have they become so ubiquitous and omnipresent that they are merely feckless notations we gloss over on posts and pages? What’s your criteria for clicking your mouse on the little like button and do your likes matter?

To my ear it sounds pretty lame to hear a big advertiser elatedly plead, “Like us on Facebook!” Seems a little desperate and given a command for lemmings to march what value would a hundred or thousands of likes have? Do likes matter to entrepreneurs or small business? What about to already shared posts or political comments? Most important what does a like say about you…and will you like that?

Here’s a few suggestions for where likes do matter:

  • Your connection’s posts – By no means should you blindly like anything you don’t read but those of us who count on demonstrating expertise in articles we write or posts we share need numbers. When you like something your action is generally displayed to your network and that builds the views and potential impact for the post. Your like shows others you not only care for what was posted but that you are willing to help them spread the word and it’s generally very appreciated.
  • Give to get – That’s a credo for life and anyone who lives on referrals knows it is sacred scripture! Even if you are an occasional sharer of comments or articles you’ll surely value the affirmation knowing your share mattered and when you like things done by others they notice your action and are often willing to reflex back in kind helping your post also be more noticed and impactful.
  • Small Business – Very few small businesses have large advertising budgets but most today believe that having a Social Media presence is something they need to do. Some do it well and with style, others are perfunctory. Regardless of the content quality if you have an experience with a business that you appreciate, value or would recommend then by all means share a like (if not a more active positive review somewhere.) Not only will the business appreciate it but so might your network should they be in the market for the same service.
  • When it’s the truth – Going to a big advertiser or product’s pages to like is hardly a priority in anyone’s life but if you have a positive message to convey about a product or service then hit the button, goodness knows there’s enough negative comments out there, maybe you’ll be bringing some balance back to the universe!

What about Politics, are you kidding?

It seems nothing gets the room divided more quickly than politics these days. Should you go ahead and like your candidate, your issue? Transparency and seeking out like minds is certainly a bonding strategy so long as you are comfortable with the alienation that may also accompany it.

If you are seeking a job or clients then be aware that others are able to view your liking so you will likely be profiled for your likes. What if you like something that turns out to be fake? Being supportive of charities or bi-partisan issues is surely a positive. You can certainly be partisan but it is highly recommended that you like things that are positive for all as opposed to divisive. Liking a comment that chastises divisiveness is also a good like light to shine on yourself and comments for civility and inclusion are nice adds to your personal brand?

For most people in business it is best if people are unable to tell your politics by your social media history…unless you only want to be with one clear or narrow team. So go ahead and like to like what you like, if you don’t like your likes being disliked then beware the like…and if you liked this article…please, please like it! I’d like that.

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