Pandemic Lessons: Top 10 Over-Valued & Under-Appreciated

Pandemic Lessons: Top 10 Over-Valued & Under-Appreciated

Your experience is your own. During the current pandemic that may be at worst, horrifying, at best, enlightening. While my own experience has run the emotional gamut I am fortunate not to be too close to actual tragedy and therefore comfortable with my branded version of sarcasm tinted with some actual lessons. As they say in investing commercials, your results my vary…herewith my Top 10 Overvalued and Underappreciated life lessons and experience, in no particular order:

Top 10 Overvalued

  1. SPORTS — Sure it will be nice to have them back and what’s better than feeling part of winning but our national obsession was perhaps misplaced and the resulting economics were obscene when viewed next to what really matters. I haven’t missed sports radio and “watching a game” was probably more routine than desire.
  2. MARKETING MESSAGING — We pay the messaging gurus big bucks but have you noticed every brand is giving the same message. Talk about your copycats, it seems every commercial is a variation of the same tone or message. Sure the great ones are great but the mediocre has been shown for what it is, uninspired.
  3. HOUSE CLEANERS — This could easily be on the other list but given my penchant for “cleaning up before the cleaning people arrive” and while the sense of accomplishment after basic cleaning may be less satisfying than if someone did it for you I don’t miss it much, just like growing up, chores are good for the soul, I hear.
  4. AIRLINE TRAVEL — Since 9-11 the hassle and expense of getting somewhere by air has been steadily decreasing versus the joy of arrival, not planning to fly much hasn’t felt like a loss.
  5. SOCIAL MEDIA — So maybe it’s been useful in keeping contact with people and seeing a few joys, a few tears, but it’s also been a magnifier of Trump lovers and haters doing their thing, only more of it with more time on their hands.
  6. FAMILY GATHERINGS — Did we really need so many holidays to see family? Sure it’s wonderful to see them, in moderation, maybe this forced spacing is a lesson.
  7. OVER-SCHEDULED KIDS — Like working 60+ hour workweeks in the ’80s the over-scheduled kid had become a perverse suburban parent status symbol. Getting your kid here for this travel team and there this activity, recital, party…like in my childhood my son is now overjoyed to go out and shoot hoops or ride his bike.
  8. GYMS — I haven’t been able to find 10 lbs. dumbbells in 2 months. Seems we can do things at home after all so did we really need 8 kinds of aerobic machines, classes and lifting gimmicks…not to mention shared locker rooms, steam and showers?
  9. WAITING IN LINE — Whether it was traffic, shopping with crowds, movie lines, you name it who needs it? Not to mention if you are currently lined up for a Covid-19 test or god forbid, a food pantry, there’s nothing good about any of them.
  10. THE NEWS — It’s important to stay aware of what’s important but too much of a medium value thing is a bad thing…especially when it’s always bad news!


  1. TEACHERS/SCHOOLS — There’s nothing like home schooling 3rd grade math to make your college degree seem meaningless. Not to mention you’re supposed to support your kid’s self image, yadda, yadda…not to mention the 7-hour break from kids parents were getting 5 days a week? God bless every teacher.
  2. BULK SUPPLIES — If you’ve been poking holes through shabby single ply TP or awaiting Lysol resupply like a gold rush you will probably become a bulk purchaser on non-perishables. Note to Architects: bigger closets please.
  3. COMFY CLOTHES — When you had to put on that dress shirt for the Zoom meeting did you wonder how the hell you did all those years in suits or pretty shoes that became tolerable only when the blood supply to nerve endings was finally cut?
  4. HOME COOKING — It is tragic what is happening to the incredible amount of restaurant/catering workers and businesses but, maybe it’s just me, when you’re a damn fine cook and know what you like better than any chef, well, there’s no place like home (kitchens).
  5. NEXT INVOICE/PAYCHECK — Everyone knew you were supposed to have 3 months cash in reserve to live on but how many people did? Not to mention when you can’t send out an invoice for your service there’s no checks in the mail, and that just sucks!
  6. HOME INTERNET QUALITY — I can’t see an ad for Verizon without wanting to scream at them how bad my Internet is. It was long problematic but now with everyone at home it is horrid. Do I really have to buy a 1 Gb upgrade just to be able to stay on my Zoom meeting without regular pauses, lapses and getting bounced?!
  7. HAIRCUTS — As a former haircutter for extra money or family savings back in the day I’ve gone back in service and self-cutting in my mirror where I pretend I can see the back of my head. Thank god for hair gel, and have you seen some of those heads in online meetings and grocery stores? Yikes!
  8. READING — The TV has become an all too frequent and constant fixation and now more than ever. As a former magazine guy who’s watched that decline for decades now it’s been a joy to rediscover the value of books…and even some online stuff.
  9. COMFY COUCHES — Where are you spending most of your time? ‘Nuf said?
  10. FAMILY — While perhaps not lamenting the extended family gathering obligations one realizes when your top priority is keeping the ones you love most safe there is nothing that should be appreciated more than their security, well-being and the love that is given and received.

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