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Shared misery is a unanimous theme for 2020. Whatever divides us in belief it’s indisputable that we have more newly discovered common reality than we’ve ever recognized before, even if we disagree on what, why or how to best go …

Bounce Back Bigger — 3 Keys: Read More »

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Sorry, you need therapy. Maybe you don’t have to pay for it and maybe you don’t have to talk about dreams of your mother on a couch.

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It seems most of what we get evaluated on is what we do but as often as not the critical “x” factors in our success is what we didn’t do. Did we know what we should have or could have …

You Know Why You Didn’t Do It, Don’t You? Read More »

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    No one’s perfect. Sure, we all accept that. We also spend endless time avowing the traits and skills you need for success. We spin the need for commitment, dedication, communication, self-confidence, pursuit of knowledge, experience and many other …

Will Your Fatal Flaw Kill Your Success? Read More »

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It’s almost here. It’s almost done. Another calendar is getting ready to flip off the wall, be chucked from the desk, filed in a drawer or screen-scrolled anew. What does “year end” mean to your business? Is it a last …

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It’s a fair analogy that our lives are like streams in a field. Our experiences and those who influence us cut the paths. Sometimes wide and deep, sometimes meandering and shallow. Perhaps intact, perhaps breaking into many tributaries. Our paths …

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If you were asked to assess your Total Life Health the assessment might be made in three critical components: Mind/Body, Financial and Family. Anyone who’s ever gone through turmoil in any one of those three areas understands how linked they …

How To Measure Your TBH (Total Business Health) Read More »

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Were you born lazy, or did you earn your bouts of lazy? Lazy is a peculiar trait; sometimes a judgment, sometimes an obvious behavior–or avoidance! Is the simple solution motivation or can you be motivated similarly to be lazy? I’m …

Is LAZY A Fixable Flaw or A Lifetime Curse? …or benefit?? Read More »

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Why isn’t my business getting the results I deserve? Why aren’t I making what I should be making? Why is hard work so frustrating? What’s wrong with my team? What’s wrong with me? All good questions we hear a lot …

Who Needs “The Couch” More For Success, You or Your Business? Read More »

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