Bounce Back Bigger — 3 Keys:

Bounce Back Bigger — 3 Keys:

Shared misery is a unanimous theme for 2020. Whatever divides us in belief it’s indisputable that we have more newly discovered common reality than we’ve ever recognized before, even if we disagree on what, why or how to best go forward. Perhaps your business or life wasn’t hugely harmed, regardless, there’s a new world we’re experiencing and it can be challenging, taxing and depressing. The bad can be really bad, if not for us, someone we know or work with or care about, so while business is coming back, faster or slower, we all have plenty of work to try and bounce back and adjust to the new paradigms.

Some bounce is going to come to us with time, maybe not all, maybe more if we focus on the bounce. You might even fantasize a time machine to get back to where we were. Sci-fi be damned we will get there and soon enough want to bounce back beyond where we were. We can passively wait and hope or we can get after it and show determination to bounce back bigger! (That is without regard to whether you want Build Back Better or MAGA, after all that’s just political marketing for wanting mostly the same things when it comes to business and personal success.)

The path forward can still seem uncertain. Beyond what we can’t control, like the economy at large, there are no shortages of anchors weighing on our ships. There seems a near perfect storm of environmental catastrophes, pandemic behavior realignment, charged political discourse, social justice upheaval and a few other major downers that provide boatloads of excuses and reasons to suppress growth, enthusiasm and energy. In no way does that excuse leaders from providing the buoys to mark the path and a fast forwarding wake of success strategies to follow. Here are three fundamentals for a big bounce:


While there’s no place for Polyanna to take the podium, pretending the outside world isn’t a factor is likewise foolish. That doesn’t mean you can’t control the tone you set for how things will be in your world. The future starts from the present and drives, or floats forward, your choice. Positive messaging with an optimistic outlook and a focussed belief that what you aim for is possible with the right strategy, attitude and actions, whatever the challenges. Set the example and those who are acting, thinking, or believing differently will be forced to confront their perspective. If there’s dissent in your team, family or peers, find a way to do good together where the benefit for all is obvious. Most people want to be positive and having a convincing role model can set that course.


With the turmoil and upheaval that surrounds us all today it is natural to find it carried into the office or the Zoom meeting. It would be a mistake to stifle or disregard people with sincere feelings and a desire for action, in whatever direction, but the leader needs to keep the focus on the priorities of the business and find common purpose there. Remember that while you have your beliefs that may be hard or softly felt, whether it is politics, social justice or pandemic adaptations, people on both sides will have strongly held beliefs that they are right and may be frustrated or angry with the opposing view. It is not a leader’s job to set what beliefs are right or wrong, merely acknowledge the freedom, the liberty to believe and show respect for all opinions while being sure they don’t interfere or conflict with the company mission. A company must have a set of common beliefs and purpose to move forward so emphasize that and let the inside noise overtake the outside noise during pay time.


Look in any Hall of Fame of any type and you will see the occupants’ most common traits are exceptional fundamentals. Whether a trail blazer or one who marches proudly with, or for, the crowd it is paramount to bouncing back that you re-emphasize fundamental success traits. Revisit goals, they may need an adjustment or deliberation but don’t concede a stretch target. Align the attitude of your staff so that teamwork can flourish. Talk to people, hear them, recognize new personal and professional challenges but reward performance and examples of overcoming obstacles. Declare the vision, provide the tools, set the example, recognize and reward accomplishment, rinse and repeat. 

“Damn the torpedos, full speed ahead!”

Let’s avoid obsessing over the mess of a year it’s been, hell, it may get worse before it gets better! Believe that you can control much of your professional circumstances if you set your mind to it. Bring the effort and the enthusiasm and you may well find the joy that is supposed to accompany success. That’s the mission…should you choose to accept it.

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