The BEST Sales Process You Can Have, Guaranteed!

The BEST Sales Process You Can Have, Guaranteed!

You’ve got your marketing, your branding, your advertising. You’ve got inside sales, robo-sales, outside sellers beating the pavement and knocking on doors. You’ve got word of mouth, social media, blogs, sponsorships. You make cold calls, warm calls, buy ad words, pay for SEO, email newsletters, follow up referrals, ask for referrals, appear as an expert. You give presentations, answer RFPs, send proposals, pass out logo-laden premiums, brochures, business cards, you buy tables at charity events, attend networking events, get awards, give awards, kick some ass, kiss some ass…for what. To make the sale man! What’s more important than that for a business? It’s foundational, fundamental, it fuels growth, pays the bills and feeds the kids. Doesn’t matter if it’s B to B, B to C, products, services, snake oil or secrets of life, bottom line is it’s all about sales. So, what’s the best sales process you can have? Read on Macduff…

Obviously there are many ways to sell a widget but there is only one BEST sales process you can have that tops all the others in efficiency, profitability and ease of use. That’s because sales is hard, really hard, otherwise why would we have invented all those ways to find rejection and frustration? By far the best process is to aggressively answer the phone or online request asking you to please sell it to them. Is that a joke? Not if you are starting a business and praying desperately for that to happen instead of all those other prospecting and selling efforts. Good way to work if you can get it, oh yeah, if!

It has been said that you only have to prospect until you don’t have to. Certainly being eagerly sought is the most envious position to be in as a business but if your business is new, young, shrinking or otherwise struggling you look with envious eyes on those whose sales efforts involve getting a call or notification, booking a job, sending an invoice and cashing a check or seeing a payment from their Pal. So how do you get there?

There are as many answers to that as there are ways to market and sell but the simple answer is in three parts that may take anywhere to happen from a few months to never. Three rules, however, are essential to giving yourself a chance.

  1. Provide exceptional value to your customer. This includes having a needed and desired product or service, offering it a fair price and making the receipt of such product or service an exceptional experience.
  2. Have a company foundation of exceptional leadership to provide direction and support and dedicated doers who make item 1 a reality.
  3. Find your most efficient and effective path through the maze of potential sales efforts. Weigh it based on both the return on investment (sweat and dollars) and with what will fit with your culture. Fit means it will be rewarded, encouraged and successful (as you define it) and all who participate will be accountable for efforts first and results second.

Sales is hard, we get it. Not so hard is saying, “Sure, we can do that, let’s book it!” to a desiring customer. Is it a fantasy? It doesn’t have to be but the chances that there is a quick shortcut are slim. Do the work, have a plan, get good advice, disregard bad advice and believe in what your business has to sell. The stronger the belief the more likely you are to work your way through the maze of selling options and arrive at Nirvana. Gotta go, the phone is ringing, must be another job to close…ahhh, the struggle!

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