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To fix it, well that’s a pain. Sure, it doesn’t work the way it should right now, and that’s a pain, but it works a little and that seems less of a pain than having to fix it and who …

The Pain-in-the-Ass Quotient Explained Read More »

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It seems most of what we get evaluated on is what we do but as often as not the critical “x” factors in our success is what we didn’t do. Did we know what we should have or could have …

You Know Why You Didn’t Do It, Don’t You? Read More »

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    There are certain jobs that are defined as inclusive of 365, 24-7 and that could define almost every self employed or small business owner. But whether you are President of anything or just in charge of getting your …

There Should Be An “I” in VACATION– Oh, There is! (Business Therapeutics) Read More »

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February is Time Management month so, as a subject matter expert, I need to do a post about it to share knowledge and maybe even drum up an interested prospect. Of course it’s March but I certainly intended to have …

Are You Too Busy To Get Anything Done? (3 reasons & 4 cures) Read More »

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“Good idea! So when should we do this?” How many times has an agreement on a productivity improvement, a process change, pursuing a new opportunity, buying or selling something been agreed but when it comes to the “when” answer it …

How Trigger Metrics Get You To Get Things Done Read More »

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