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Substance and Style are not mutually exclusive. The majority of us, however, like with most binary characteristics, want a healthy blend as ideal. Our drives tend to push us to a natural side one more than the other but both …

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  Before the headline-reading-only-trolls kill me for an inappropriate concept let me assure you of three things: 1) I make no recommendation, 2) Physical appearance is part of the “presentation” that job candidates or hired workers make and it surely …

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    There are certain jobs that are defined as inclusive of 365, 24-7 and that could define almost every self employed or small business owner. But whether you are President of anything or just in charge of getting your …

There Should Be An “I” in VACATION– Oh, There is! (Business Therapeutics) Read More »

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Back in my days as a new franchisee the phrase most oft’ bandied about was, “Fake it ‘til you make it.” I don’t mind admitting I did and on my own I’ve shared that advice to many a business owner, …

ARE YOU FAKING IT!? Is Your Real Self A Help Or A Hindrance? Read More »

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  I had a recent client find his Eureka idea, “I had no idea how much of sales is about psychology.” I’m happy to quote the father of my former franchise David Sandler who said that selling is a Broadway …

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